London Olympics 2012

YourCulture are very excited about the Olympics this year. So excited that there is going to be a mini-blog on the site as part of the build up of the games. The experts in YourCulture will be providing insights, tips and advice to tourists visiting England and also tips for the British dealing with tourists from different cultures.

YourCulture will also be launching Olympic related offers througout the next few weeks. We are looking forward to providing translation and interpreting services to business, people and organisations throughout Britian over the next few months.

Hotels need to ensure that tourists will be able to understand menus and leaflets, tourist hotspots will need to ensure that brochures and tour guides are translated, visitors may need interpreters to help with their trip and business may want to encourage more trade with visitors by having adverts, signs or pricing information in multiple languages. All this needs completing quickly and YourCulture are ready to help! We want to ensure that London is ready for everyone arriving for the Olympics and that the event is a complete success!

So keep coming back to check out our Olympic blog and to find out tips and phrases on how to communicate with the many tourists heading our way. Also if you are visiting London keep looking to find tips and tricks to make your trip a success. Click on the Olympic countdown on the left to see what is on offer!

Happy London 2012 Everyone!


Šťastný London 2012 všichni!

Glad London 2012 Alle!

Gelukkig Londen 2012 iedereen!

Heureux de 2012 à Londres tout le monde!

Glückliche London 2012 Everyone!

Ευτυχισμένο το 2012

στο Λονδίνο καθένας!

खुश लंदन 2012 सब लोग!

Felice Londra 2012 a tutti!


Feliz de Londres 2012 a todos!


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