Software Localisation

YourCulture can provide software localisation services for all types of software packages. Whether you are creating a new operating system for worldwide distribution or a internal software package for companies overseas office, we can help.

All we need is the original package or resource files, the required languages and destination countries and YourCulture will do the rest. Each software localisation project is different, and YourCulture will plan our service around your needs. We can just carry out the textual translation within your software, or we can carry out extra development and full user acceptance testing for your localised software versions.

YourCulture can provide localisation services for all platforms and software types – some examples are shown below but this is not a complete list – If you want to discuss your requirements then please contact us.

We can provide:

  • Iphone Applications Localisation
  • Andriod Applications Localisation
  • Windows Phone 7 Applications Localisation
  • MacOS Software Localisation
  • Localised Software User Acceptance Testing
  • Program Source Code Localisation(C, C++, Visual Basic, Java etc.)
  • Help files translation (Online / Printed)
  • Software Components localisation (Dialogue Boxes, Menus, Strings)
  • Multi-Lingual User Acceptance Testing
  • RTF/HDJ Files localisation
  • Resource file localisation (RC/DLG)
  • Program Files translation (DLL/EXE)
  • CNT/ReadMe Files translation
  • Screens / Hot Keys design and localisation
  • Manual translation (Body text, Index Markers, Callout text, Screen captures)
  • Collateral Material translation and localisation (Quick reference cards, packaging, CD labels, promotional materials, registration cards

With experienced, native linguists in over 200 languages we are certain YourCulture can meet your translation needs. For more information about our specific translation services click on the relevant sections below, or if you want to talk through your requirements then call +44 (0) 203 2868026

A example of some of the languages we can translate to and from is listed below – If the language you need is not listed then please still call +44 (0) 203 2868026

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